Bad Day? Maria had one too. Day after day, after day, after day…

Spot the signs

Have you spotted someone who looks like they've been trafficked?

Have you seen:

  • Multiple female foreign nationals living at the same address
  • Occupants rarely seen outside
  • Occupants of premises change regularly
  • Male callers day and night staying for only a short time
  • Details of sexual activity such as cards and advertisements 

Often individuals are promised legitimate work and a better life. They undertake work usually abroad and find that upon arrival in the new country their promised job was non-existent. Their ID documents are retained by their captors and they are forced to repay debts relating to travel and accommodation.

They end up being controlled and pushed into prostitution against their will. Many victims don’t speak the language of the host country and many have no means of contacting anyone outwith the circle of other victims, traffickers and those using victims.

How can you tell if some is being trafficked?

The victim’s appearance suggests general physical neglect, poor nutrition and a withdrawn and submissive character.

They appear to be moving location frequently and are not registered with a G.P, nursery or school. They could be vague and inconsistent explanation of where they live, their work or schooling

They might have old or serious injuries which have been left untreated or treated late, and are vague and reluctant to explain how the injury occurred.

Does someone speak for them when they asked questions directly?

If you believe someone may be a victim of traffickers or of sexual exploitation please contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact the Modern slavery helpline on 08000 121 700.