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Kyra's story

Kyra was a pregnant 19 year old Roma girl from Slovakia. Her father was approached by her trafficker in Slovakia offering his daughter a better life in the UK for her and her unborn child. Kyra’s mother was already residing in the UK and they promised Kyra that if she travelled to the UK with her trafficker she would be reunited with her mother and would be given a job as a cleaner.

Kyra travelled to the UK with her trafficker and upon arrival she was transported to the trafficker’s house where she witnessed other girls being forced to work as prostitutes. Kyra was exempt from working due to her pregnancy but there was no job for her as a cleaner, it became clear she would be married off to a non eu national in order to assist with a spousal visa to allow him to remain legally in the UK.

Kyra was introduced to a Pakistani male as his potential bride and £1000 was exchanged between the trafficker and the male. Kyra’s identity documents were retained by the male and Kyra was handed over to the male. Due to language differences the couple conversed through Google translate.

Kyra gave birth to her baby boy and discharged herself from hospital and the child’s birth was registered with the Pakistani male being fraudulently registered as the father.

A health visitor attended at the home address and found the baby to be wearing very little clothing and wrapped in a damp hospital blanket, there was insufficient clothing and bedding for the baby and Kyra had contracted an infection and was using old tights as sanitary protection. The child was removed from the home address due to suspect pneumonia and later discharged to the care of social work.

It was during the social working investigation that it was established Kyra had been a victim of trafficking and police were notified.

With the joint partnership of the Police, Social Work and TARA, Kyra was given help and support and was eventually repatriated back to Slovakia where she is still receiving support from her local NGO who are helping her with settling back in her home town and been given the opportunity to enter the education system. Unfortunately due her experience she was unable to care for her child and has since been adopted by a family in the UK.

The Pakistani male was deported and her trafficker charged with trafficking offences.

Disclaimer: Kyra’s story is from true accounts from multiple trafficked individuals, merged and anonymized to protect their identity.

If you believe someone may be a victim of traffickers or of sexual exploitation please contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact the Modern slavery helpline on 08000 121 700.